Code of Conduct

Our association adhere to a strong, ethical code of conduct and requires all members to fulfill their responsibility of doing the same or you may be subject to the board’s investigation. GIMC does not accept unethical practices and may expel any members that is found not adhering to the code of conduct. Prior to joining the Gift Industry Manufacturer Companies, all members must sign and acknowledge the code.

The Code of Conduct is as follows:

No to Corruption

We will not encourage nor condone any form of corruption. Any forms of money or favors provided to customers and employees of corporate clients to get a deal of a promotional gifts is considered as corruption.

Safety of Products

We will comply to all safety and regulatory laws in respective countries for all the products we sell. This includes all the regulatory requirements of food and product safety standards.

Adhere to Labour Law

We will adhere to the national labour law including the provision of full regulatory requirements of benefits. We will also provide a safe and healthy working environment to staff and will not accept any form of child labour.

Ethical Conduct Between Competitors

We will have ethical conduct between competitors to maintain a healthy business environment in the gifts industry. We will not:

  • Blatantly copy products or range of products of each other’s exclusive gift items
  • Buying stolen information and client databases from current and ex employee of competitors
  • Under Cutting each other on price
  • Unproven bad-mouthing of each other
  • Other unlawful conduct
  • Stealing each other’s key staff through unethical means

We expect all companies in this corporate, premium gift and souvenir network of companies to develop and implement these procedures and rules to ensure compliance to the code of conduct.