Guide to Marketing of Gifts – Delivery

OK, here is the deal – for retails gift businesses and those that sells individual items, including florists, gift shops and other online gift companies, the most common delivery method is via courier service companies. The most popular in Malaysia includes:

  • Ta-Q Bin (Yamato)
  • Pos Laju (Pos Malaysia)
  • DHL
  • Fedex
  • UPS
  • Skynet
  • Nationwide
  • City Link
  • G-Dex
  • Kangaroo

However, for the corporate gift industries, on the other hand, these items are not as easily delivered as promotional gift suppliers sell in bulk. On top of that, the goods that are delivered may not be at their own premise because they are sent to the location of printing or engraving or embroidery. Delivery method depends on:

  • Timeline – Most companies have their own delivery guys and they pickup from the location of logo printing and send directly to client, especially those that are in a rush. This can be done within the same day (if they are at the same area)
  • Location – If¬†inaccessible¬†by these companies own delivery lorry, then it will normally be sent via courier service. There are many that serves the entire Malaysia and some are quite cheap especially if you do not need 3-day delivery timeline.
  • Fragility – A lot of promotional gifts are fragile, especially glass and ceramic items. Hence you must choose carefully which provider can ensure safety of your product. Otherwise you may need to deliver it yourself.

To ensure a successful gift marketing, you must ensure that you deliver to your clients on time and goods in perfect condition.

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