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Guide to Successful Gift Marketing – Logo Branding 3

If you have read our previous 2 posts, you would have now learnt that there are various types of methods to personalize your gifts and souvenirs with the logo you require. The various types of product printing methods available is not just to suit the various types of material available but also the size as well and shape of the products. The following are the printing suggestions for various surfaces:-

  • Rounded Surfaces – This will typically involve pad printing as silkscreen printing involves a need of a screen placed on flat surfaces. Typical examples are golf balls.
  • Rounded Bottles/Mugs – For a symmetrical rounded cylindrical surfaces such as bottles and mugs, silkscreen method can also be applied using a roll-print contraption where the screen rolls the bottle on the screen.
  • Large Areas – For large areas, silk screen is the preferred method of printing and is only limited by the size of the screen you can make.

As shown, may different types of gift materials are available

A few more factors besides those mentioned above and previous posts that affects the choice of printing method includes the following:-

  • Number of Colours – As screen printing involves printing one colour at a time, if the screen printer has no 4 or 6 colour machines available, it is printed and manually adjusted spacing one at a time.  Any misallignment will cause inaccurate printing of the gift products. For flat surfaces like tshirts, there are available machines (at a high cost) that are able to process 4-6 colours but is not available easily for uneven surfaces.  As such, pad printing is used. The only problem is now, pad printing area has a limited size and may not be able to print cylindrical surfaces nicely.
  • Print Quality – As mentioned earlier, some materials can be applied different types of product printing methods on its surface. However, the quality for each of it is different. The best example is frosted glass mugs. Both silkscreen method and decal heat firing method can be used. Heat fired mugs are much higher priced than silkscreen printing but the printing is much longer lasting.
  • Desired Effect – Each individual has a preference for a certain type of logo branding. For example, on flat metal surfaces such as name card holders, some people like to have it laser engraved but some does not like their logo to be monotone. Hence some will laser engrave and some will do silkscreen print with colours.

This ends the series on branding/personalized gift products. Coming up next – Packaging and Presentation of Gifts.


Guide to Successful Gift Marketing – Logo Branding 1

Guide to Successful Gift Marketing – Logo Branding 1

This guide is the 2nd article in a series of guide for successful gift marketing for the promotional gift products.


Sample Logo Branding on Sticky Notes

Logo Branding or Personalization of Gifts

Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier for the corporate gift industry if the client does not require logo to be printed on the products? Of course! However, this is not the case for this industry as for promotional items, logo branding is essential for the gift items to be included a company name, logo, slogan on the item. Each product with different shape and sizes use a different method of printing and depending on material, type, size and location. There are many issues and limitation arising regarding the logo printing on promotional products including:

  • Material of Product - There are certain issues arising from the wide range of materials available of promotional products, including plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, silicone, etc. You must be aware the material of the product to determine the printing method and ink you use.
  • Size of Product - Some products such as those with large print areas will require different method of printing as compared to small items such as pens.  If you are new in this industry, there are some headache on which type of printing methods to use.
  • Shape of Product - Sometimes if the shape of the gift is odd or rounded, there is limitation in printing especially rounded surfaces.  If the shape is odd, there may be a maximum print size that is applied or sometimes cannot even be printed at all.
  • Printing Quality - Most of the time client reject the items is because of low quality printing including crooked logos, peeling or easy coming off of logo and incorrect colour.
  • Number of colours - Not all logos are easily printed on products especially if they have many colours on the logo.  The traditional pad printing and silk screen printed methods uses a print-one-colour-at-a-time method and may be highly troublesome if there are overlapping colours.

To ensure printing issues doesn’t happen you must be aware of each of the issues above when meeting client and highlighting the issues to your client even before they confirm the logo required for printing.  Please stay tuned to our gift resource blog for each of the limitations highlighted above.