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Analysis of the Gift Industry in Malaysia

Everything can be made as gifts. It can ranges from something cheap or even something free that you create and make yourself, flowers, hampers or it can even be something very exclusive and premium such as jewelleries. However, the term “gifts” is normally referred to an item in general, or as a category or something special and unique not easily categorized in specific genre of products. Hence when people search for “gifts” normally the person does not specifically know what they are looking for yet. Popular searches would include “Corporate Gifts”, “Gifts for Men” or “Birthday Gifts”.

There are generally two distinct gift industry category in Malaysia, namely the corporate market and the retail market. The main difference is that the corporate gift market purchases items in bulk and will typically need personalization of the company brand on it while the retail gift market involves purchase of products invididually. The summary is shown on the table below.

 Corporate Gift Market  Retail Gift Market
  • Targets the corporate and government sector 
  • Quantity purchased in bulk
  • Used for promotional activities
  • Typically requires logo printing and branding on the products
  • Companies involved: Corporate premium gift suppliers, silkscreen and pad printers, specialized products distributors (T-shirts, Umbrellas, Caps, Pen Drives, Bags, Trophy & Awards, etc.)
  • A big industry in Malaysia and involves many types of companies and operations are typically not in expensive retail areas
  • Targets individuals 
  • Quantity purchased individually
  • For personal use or to give out to an individual
  • Typically does not require logo printing, if yes only printing of a name
  • Companies involved: Online retail gift shops, wedding favor wholesalers, florists, hamper suppliers, souvenir shops, greeting cards & wrapper shops and other specialized retail gift products.
  • Smaller industry in terms of sales volume but shops are s typically situated in high traffic areas such as shopping malls.

Whichever market your company is in, the gifts industry is definitely a growing market especially in a fast developing country in Malaysia. A rough estimate will put this industry is not less than RM1billion in this country alone. Plenty of opportunities for everyone.

Guide to Successful Gift Marketing – Logo Branding 1

This guide is the 2nd article in a series of guide for successful gift marketing for the promotional gift products.


Sample Logo Branding on Sticky Notes

Logo Branding or Personalization of Gifts

Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier for the corporate gift industry if the client does not require logo to be printed on the products? Of course! However, this is not the case for this industry as for promotional items, logo branding is essential for the gift items to be included a company name, logo, slogan on the item. Each product with different shape and sizes use a different method of printing and depending on material, type, size and location. There are many issues and limitation arising regarding the logo printing on promotional products including:

  • Material of Product - There are certain issues arising from the wide range of materials available of promotional products, including plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, silicone, etc. You must be aware the material of the product to determine the printing method and ink you use.
  • Size of Product - Some products such as those with large print areas will require different method of printing as compared to small items such as pens.  If you are new in this industry, there are some headache on which type of printing methods to use.
  • Shape of Product - Sometimes if the shape of the gift is odd or rounded, there is limitation in printing especially rounded surfaces.  If the shape is odd, there may be a maximum print size that is applied or sometimes cannot even be printed at all.
  • Printing Quality - Most of the time client reject the items is because of low quality printing including crooked logos, peeling or easy coming off of logo and incorrect colour.
  • Number of colours - Not all logos are easily printed on products especially if they have many colours on the logo.  The traditional pad printing and silk screen printed methods uses a print-one-colour-at-a-time method and may be highly troublesome if there are overlapping colours.

To ensure printing issues doesn’t happen you must be aware of each of the issues above when meeting client and highlighting the issues to your client even before they confirm the logo required for printing.  Please stay tuned to our gift resource blog for each of the limitations highlighted above.