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What is Premium Gift?

The term “Premium Gift” in literally means a gift that is exclusive and expensive. However, in many countries such as Malaysia and Singapore and a few other countries, the term is used to describe promotional gifts. In some countries it may even be known as “premiums” and used as a noun.

As described in the Premium Gift Blog:

Premium gift is the term commonly used to describe souvenirs or corporate gifts in Malaysia and Singapore.  In general, the premium gift industry refers to the corporate gifts or door gifts industry that includes the wholesalers, suppliers, agents and the customers that requires these products.  Accurately described, “premium gift” should refer to gifts that are unique and exclusive and generally carries a higher value than the “normal” gift products.  A more accurate description of the term premium gift would probably be promotional products or souvenirs or momentos or even giveaways.  If they are used as giveaways as a token of appreciation to clients, staff or other stakeholders, the term used would be either corporate gifts or company souvenirs.”

Source: http://ipcgifts.wordpress.com/premium-gift/

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Sample of premium gift mug:

Premium Gift Mug

Premium Gift Mug